16 blinkskudd av fugler du adri har sett maken til

8. Urban Birds: ‘The Guardians’ By Paolo Crocetta (Bronze) 9. Birds In Flight: ‘First Come First Served’ By Hannes Lochner (Bronze) 10. Bird Behaviour: ‘Entangled’ By Julie Halliday (Bronze) 11. Highly Commended: Mohammad Murad - Water Barrier (Attention To Detail) 12. Attention To Detail: ‘Growing Up’ By Raymond Hennessy (Silver) 13. Highly Commended: Ben Cranke – The Blizzard (Birds In The Environment) 14. Highly Commended: Aguti Antonio – Aggression (Best Portrait) 15. Birds In The Environment: ‘Claiming The Forest Floor’ By Joshua Galicki (Silver) 16. Black And White: ‘Chinstrap Penguin’ By Renato Granieri (Gold)

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