17 hunder som rett og slett er ødelagt

Hunder kan være merkverdige. Noen ganger kan det virke som hunden rett og slett er ødelagt. Disse hundene er nok bare noen rare skapninger, men dersom disse hundene hadde vært en ting hadde de garantert blitt returnert til butikken

When One Sits On The Wall, Obviously The Other Has To, Too

What Now?3.
Sniff Snoff (He Was Mid Yawn. I Used The iPhone 11 Zoom Out Feature, And Boom)4.
I Give You Bernard. No Discernible Reason To Do That, He’s Just Weird5.
Apparently This Is More Comfortable Than The Bed I Bought Him6.
Men And Women Fled In Horror, When The Creature Emerged From The Depths7.
Shiba.exe Has Stopped Working8.
My Mom Just Sent Me This Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping On The Couch9.
He's A Little Special10.
He Is Just Fine11.
Doug Has More Leg Than He Knows What To Do With12.
Gracie, Baby, Is That Really The Most Comfortable Way To Sleep?13.
I Don't Think He Fully Understands The Crate14.
Very Normal Car Ride15.
I Kinda Hate When He Yawns16.
Looooooong Dog!17.
Friends Dog Is One With Kitchen Counter And Wall

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